What is laparoscope?

minimally invasive surgery fellowship

minimally invasive surgery fellowship

One of the minimally invasive surgery instruments is laparoscope. This device has three main part:

  1. Vision system
  2. Light system
  3. Insufflation system:


Vision system: it has four parts: lens, lens cable, film processor and monitor.

Lens is a rod with 34 to 44 cm length and 3 or 5 or 10 mm diameter and designs to take film. Data is transferred via lens cable to the processor and then processed film is shown by the monitor. In this method the film has very good quality and 15 to 20 times more magnification so the laparoscopic and minimally invasive surgeon has much better view and access, so the surgery proceeds in a nice manner.


Light system

Vision is completed by the light because the abdominal cavity is dark by its own, so this light will be emitted by xenon or LED lamps via a fiber optic cable.


Insufflation system

Carbon dioxide is an inert and safe gas for our body so we use it to insufflate the abdomen to separate the abdominal wall away from its contents and get the better view. After ending the operation all of gas is evacuated or resorbs and cleaned via respiratory work.